Edward Blanchard-Wrigglesworth
 University of Washington
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In review/submitted

  • Roach, L. A., and Blanchard-Wrigglesworth, E., Observed winds crucial for September Arctic sea ice loss, submitted to Geophysical Research Letters

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    2021/in press

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    From way back in the day...

    Research on Spanish glaciers:
  • Dinamica de los glaciares del Pirineo aragones: resultados de la campaña glaciologica del año 1998(2000), Javier Chueca Cia, Asuncion Julian Andres, Jose Luis Peña Monne, E. Blanchard Wrigglesworth, Boletin Glaciologico Aragones, (1), 13-41
    ...and Spanish weather
  • The 1997 veranillo of San Miguel in north-eastern Spain (1999), E. Blanchard Wrigglesworth
    Weather, 54, 4, 114-119.