Bienvenue! Welcome!

I am a Research Scientist within the Department of Atmospheric Sciences/ College of the Environment / University of Washington, working within Prof. Greg Hakim's group on data assimilation projects related to the production of climate reanalyses and for improved initialization of predictions spanning a wide range of scales (climatic to mesoscale).

Research Interests
  • Data assimilation
  • Weather & climate predictions

    • Boundary-layer meteorology
    • Fog physics, numerical modelling & prediction
    • Remote sensing of the lower atmosphere & ocean surface

Current/recent projects
Pin Last Millennium Climate Reanalysis project: climate reconstructions of the last 1000 yrs from the assimilation of multi-proxy data.
Pin Deep Times Data Assimilation project: climate reconstructions of the Last Glacial Maximum to the Late Holocene from the assimilation of marine sediment proxy data.
Pin Development of coupled atmosphere-ocean data assimilation capabilities for improved initialization of near-term (interannual to multi-decadal) climate predictions.
Pin Variance-based sensitivity analysis of numerical model parameters on NWP.
Pin Upgrading/maintaining the UW-WRF/DART real-time mesoscale ensemble data assimilation and prediction system.