Ryan Eastman, M.S.

Staff Scientist

University of Washington

Dept. of Atmospheric Sciences

email: rmeast@atmos.washington.edu


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Masters Thesis Presentation: August 5th 2009 (pdf)

Poster: Cloud Changes in Recent Decades Enhance Arctic Warming (pdf)

AGU 2009 Presentation: December 15th 2009 (pdf)

Barrow, May 2010 (pdf)

UW November 2010

Frascati, May 2011 (pdf)

UW May 2012

UW October 2014

Cloudsat & CALIPSO meeting, Alexandria 2014

AGU Chapman Conference, Santa Fe, July 2015

CERES Meeting, UW, September 2015

AMS 2016, New Orleans

CloudSat & CALIPSO meeting, Newport News 2016

ICCP Manchester UK 2016

AGU 2016 PBL Product Comparison

AMS 2017 PBL Deepening

NASA AMES January 2017 Surface Observations

NASA A-Train Symposium 2017 Lagrangian Analysis

AGU 2017, Humidity above the boundary layer Lagrangian analysis

AMS 2018, Droplet concentration and cloud & PBL evolution

AGU 2018: Lagrangian Droplet Concentration Evolution

Publications (pdf):

Stephen G. Warren, Ryan Eastman, Carole Hahn:  A Survey of Changes in Cloud Cover and Cloud Types over Land from Surface Observations, 1971-96

Ryan Eastman (Masters Thesis):  Interannual variations of Arctic cloud types and their relation to sea ice

Jan Cermak, Ryan Eastman, Jorg Bendix, Stephen Warren:  European climatology of fog and low stratus based on geostationary satellite observations

Ryan Eastman, Stephen G. Warren:  Interannual variations of Arctic cloud types and their relation to sea ice

Ryan Eastman, Stephen G. Warren:  Arctic cloud changes from surface and satellite observation

Ryan Eastman, Stephen G. Warren, Carole J. Hahn:  Changes in cloud cover and cloud types over the ocean from surface observations, 1954-2008

Ryan Eastman, Stephen G. Warren:  A 39-Yr Survey of Cloud Changes from Land Stations Worldwide 1971–2009: Long-Term Trends, Relation to Aerosols, and Expansion of the Tropical Belt

Ryan Eastman, Stephen G. Warren:  Diurnal cycles of cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratus, stratocumulus, and fog from surface observations over land and ocean

Ryan Eastman, Robert Wood: Factors controlling low cloud evolution over the eastern subtropical oceans: A Lagrangian perspective using the A-Train Satellites

Ryan Eastman, Robert Wood, Christopher Bretherton: Timescales of clouds and cloud controlling variables in subtropical Sc from a Lagrangian perspective

Ryan Eastman, Robert Wood, Kuan-Ting O: The subtropical stratocumulus-topped planetary boundary layer: A climatology and the Lagrangian evolution

Ryan Eastman, Robert Wood: The competing effects of stability and humidity on subtropical stratocumulus entrainment and cloud evolution from a Lagrangian perspective

Ryan Eastman, Matthew Lebsock, Robert Wood: Warm rain rates from AMSR/E 89 GHz brightness temperatures trained using CloudSat rain rate observations

Submitted (pdf):


Low Cloud Climatologies