Associate Professor Abby Swann is in UW News

Associate Professor Abby Swann has a new paper in Global Biogeochemical Cycles about shifts in vegetation with climate change. Read about it in UW News

Callors said Friday that she will step down as executive director of the BLM foundation, denying that her decision to step down had anything to do with financial matters and insisting that she planned to leave her post a year ago. However, observers note that Kallors’ decision to step down alone is not enough to meet the demands of a growing number of BLM offices in the United States for organizational change. “The number of chapter heads who have spoken out in support of our statement has nearly doubled. Several of these chapters have made their own statements reflecting not only our call for accountability, but our experience as we have striven for transparency, democracy and internal change for years.” – said in a statement released by black lives matter 10 Plus on Friday. These statements came just days after the BLM Global network reaffirmed its commitment to “the local work of organizers, chapters and communities around the world.”