A range of scholarships are available from the department, the UW Financial Aid Office, and from professional societies. By applying to all three sources, a student can substantially increase his or her chances of securing financial aid.

Departmental Scholarships

Academic Achievement
Reed, and Caldwell Scholarships
At least one merit-based scholarship is awarded each year to an Atmospheric Sciences major. These scholarships pay for one quarter of tuition and will be disbursed as 1/3 of the student’s tuition in Autumn, Winter and Spring quarters. Scholarships may be renewed annually, up to a maximum of four years, provided that the recipient remains registered as an Atmospheric Science major and makes satisfactory progress toward their Atmospheric Sciences degree.


Prof. Richard J. and Mrs. Joan M. Reed
Prof. Richard J. and Mrs. Joan M. Reed

Incoming freshmen and transfers as well as current students.

DEADLINE: April 1st, 2021


These departmental scholarships are supported by the Richard and Joan Reed Endowed Scholarship Fund, the Mindlin Foundation, and the Bruce Caldwell Memorial Scholarship Fund.

College of the Environment Scholarships

Additional scholarship opportunities are available through the College of the Environment.

University of Washington Financial Aid

Each year the University of Washington awards over $20 million in financial aid to a significant fraction of the student body. Both need-based, merit-based scholarships and combinations thereof are available. For more information, please visit the Student Financial Aid website.

Scholarships Offered by Professional Societies

A number of professional societies provide a range of scholarship opportunities, many of which are underutilized by current and incoming students.

External Scholarship Opportunities

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