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Event Types

Note: All of our activities are FREE of charge.

Field Trips


Our most popular and easily scheduled events are field trips to our department. School groups as well as other organizations are welcome to visit the Department of Atmospheric Sciences and the Atmospheric Sciences-Geophysics Building for an hour-long tour of the facilities. In addition to the usual demonstrations and presentations, your students can also see real, live scientists at work, and see some of the equipment on our building’s roof.

Our building (Atmospheric Sciences-Geophysics) is indicated on this map. Information for directions to the department and on-campus parking can be found here. There are many doors into our building, which can be confusing… if you arrive at the south side of the building, please use the main, wide, upper entrance under an overhang at the top of a short flight of steps, not the small lower entrance. (If you arrive at the north side of the building, either of the two entrances facing you will be OK.) If you think you’re on the east side of our building, you’re looking at Johnson Hall… walk west, our building is attached to the west end of Johnson.

If your school is bringing visitors by bus, the driver will need to park the bus in a specific area as shown on this map. Visitors can be dropped off at the location denoted by the red square on the map, and the bus should be parked/wait in the areas with the blue dots.


There are also a number of other attractions for your students around campus if you want to spend more than an hour or two here. Be sure to call or Email ahead to make an appointment if you wish to tour these places as well as our department. These include:

Furthermore, if your students need a place to eat on campus, there are a number of cafeterias and meeting rooms around our building.

Science Night (Demonstration Table)

Students playing with the pressure demo

We regularly visit schools throughout the year and set up a table at science nights. We can set up a table for any of the topics listed below.



Science Fair (Judging)

We would be glad to forward your requests for science fair judges to potential volunteers.

Available Topics

Note: All topics can be taught at different levels of complexity.


General Weather

General weather covers topics like air pressure, temperature, clouds, rain, etc. There is a beautiful slideshow of photographs that we can show here as well. This topic is almost always paired with several demonstrations including can-crushing and cloud-in-a-bottle.

Fire and Ice

Storms & Severe Weather

This topic covers more extreme weather such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, etc. We can walk through the steps on how they form and the impacts they have on different regions..

Striking a Pose

Weather & Climate

How is weather different than climate?  Learn about historical and current climate changes and the difference between natural and human influences on the Earth’s climate.  We will start with the global perspective and drill down to the Pacific Northwest.

Fire and Ice

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Weather and Climate

How does the Pacific Northwest Weather work? How will climate change affect the PNW? We can discuss briefly the climate of the PNW, then quickly move on to local weather phenomena. We can also discuss how climate change will affect temperatures, forest fires, rivers, and sea-level in the Pacific Northwest.

Riverton, WY National Weather Service

Careers in Atmospheric Sciences

Discussion about the different types of careers in the field as well as what type of institutions hire people with this degree. We’re also happy to answer questions about how we got where we are, what made us choose atmospheric sciences, etc.

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