MS Degree

Master of Science in Atmospheric Sciences

The program leading to the degree of Master of Sciences is intended to enable students to grow with this field throughout their scientific careers, to recognize and understand new concepts, and to master new procedures as they emerge in the literature. Achievement of this objective requires that students understand the fundamental principles of physics that are relevant to the atmosphere, acquire a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of atmospheric properties and behavior, and develop critical facilities.

Students in this department typically spend 2 – 2 1/2 years to complete a masters degree.

A student’s first year in the program will be spent completing a majority of the required coursework with the their research beginning in the following summer. However, if a student can manage the workload, they may begin conducting research with their faculty adviser earlier.

At the end of a student’s first summer of study, they will give a First Year Seminar, a 20-minute presentation that describes their progress towards defining a thesis topic and articulating the goals and methodology that will be used to carry out their research.

To complete the M.S. degree a student must submit their written thesis in accordance with the rules and procedures of the Graduate School,  presented orally to the faculty and students, and defended in discussion. A student’s Supervisory Committee will decide if a student’s thesis and defense were satisfactory for graduation.

A detailed outline of the master’s degree procedures can be found here.

To see examples of the theses and dissertations written by graduate students in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, please see the UW library archives:

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