PhD Degree

Doctor of Philosophy in Atmospheric Sciences

The degree of Doctor of Philosophy signifies understanding of the nature of knowledge normally attained only through the original solution of a problem of substantial scientific importance.

All students admitted into the Atmospheric Sciences graduate program will be admitted initially to the M.S. track of study. Students in the M.S. track who seek entry into the PhD program will be evaluated by the COGS (Committee on Graduate Studies). A student must qualify for study toward the PhD by being nominated to COGS by their M.S. supervisory committee and then approved by COGS for admission into the PhD following an exceptional master’s thesis defense. Immediately upon qualifying for PhD study, a student will form a Supervisory Committee with a minimum of five members. The student and the Supervisory Committee will jointly plan the remainder of his/her academic program.

PhD students can elect to pursue a Data Science Option or Advanced Data Science Option and/or a dual-title PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and Astrobiology.

To complete the PhD a student must pass COGS, pass their General Exam and pass their Final Exam. Detailed information about these milestones can be found in the sidebar to the left.

To see examples of the theses and dissertations written by graduate students in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences, please see the UW library archives:

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