Clifford Mass

Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Clifford Mass
Areas of Expertise
  • Synoptic and mesoscale meteorology
  • ATM S 101: Introduction to Weather
  • ATM S 370: Atmospheric Structure and Analysis
  • ATM S 452: Weather Forecasting and Advanced Synoptic Meteorology
  • ATM S 551: Atmospheric Structure and Analysis I. Synoptic Scale Systems
  • ATM S 553: Atmospheric Structure and Analysis II: Orographic Systems
  • Fellow, American Meteorological Society
  • Max Eaton Award, American Meteorological Society
  • President, Puget Sound Chapter, American Meteorological Society.
  • Program Chairman, Puget Sound Chapter, AMS.
  • Treasurer, Puget Sound Chapter, AMS.
  • Chairman, UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research), UNIDATA Data Access Committee.
  • Associate Editor, Monthly Weather Review.
  • Consulting Editor, Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather.
  • Chairman, UCAR Committee on Meteorological Data Sets
  • Chairman, 15th AMS Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecastings
  • Chairman, Special Workshop on Real-Time Mesoscale NWP in the University Community
  • Chairman, AMS Mesoscale Meteorology Committee
  • Chairman, DTC Science Advisory Board
  • Co-chair, AMS Committee on Communication
  • Member and Chair: College Council, College of the Environment
  • Member, University Senate 1988-1990, 2004-2006
  • Department Computer Committee
  • Arts and Sciences Graduation Committee
  • Department Rules and Computer Committees
Selected publications
  • Weber, N. J. and C. F. Mass, 2017: Evaluating the subseasonal to seasonal CFSv2 forecast skill with an emphasis on tropical convection. Submitted to Wea. and Forecasting

  • Houze, R. A., Jr., L. A. McMurdie, W. A. Petersen, M. R. Schwaller, W. Baccus, J. Lundquist, C. Mass, B. Nijssen, S. A. Rutledge, D. Hudak, S. Tanelli, G. G. Mace, M. Poellot, D.

  • Lettenmaier, J. Zagrodnik, A. Rowe, J. DeHart, L. Madaus, H. Barnes, 2017: The Olympic Mountains Experiment (OLYMPEX). Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., Accepted, in press.

  • Picard, L. and C. F. Mass, 2017: The sensitivity of orographic precipitation to flow direction: an idealized modeling approach. J. Hydromet.. accepted, in press

  • Weber, N. and C. F. Mass, 2017: The origin of the bent-back frontal jet in marine cyclones. Submitted to Wea. and Forecasting.

  • Madaus, L., and C. Mass, 2017: Evaluating smartphone pressure observations for mesoscale analyses and forecasts. Wea. Forecasting., 32, 511-531

  • Warner, M. and C. Mass, 2017: Changes in the climatology of northeast Pacific atmospheric rivers in CMIP5 climate models under global warming. Submitted to J. Geophy. Res.

  • Wayand, N. E., J. Stimberis, J. P. Zagrodnik, C. F. Mass, and J. D. Lundquist , 2016, Improving simulations of precipitation phase and snowpack at a site subject to cold air intrusions: Snoqualmie Pass, WA, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121, doi:10.1002/2016JD025387.