Lynn McMurdie

Research Associate Professor, Atmospheric Sciences

Lynn McMurdie
Areas of Expertise
  • Synoptic and Mesoscale structure of Midlatitude Oceanic Storms
  • Predictability of West Coast Cyclones
  • Winter-time Lightning in Cold Air Outbreaks over the Ocean
  • Olympex
  • Remote Sensing of Water Vapor and Precipitation
  • ATM S 290: The Weather Challenge
  • ATM S 370: Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology
  • ATM S 442: Dynamics
  • ATM S 502: Introduction to Synoptic Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Sciences Department Teaching Award (1999, 2004, 2011, 2015, 2017)
  • NASA PMM Science Team Award (2016)
  • UNIDATA Strategic Advisory Committee. Advise UCAR UNIDATA on longterm directions for UNIDATA (2013-present)
  • Member of the AMS committee on Mountain Meteorology (2017-present)
  • Associate Editor for Weather and Forecasting – provide reviews when requested by Editors of Weather and Forecasting (2010-2015)
  • Editor Weather and Forecasting – oversee reviews for submitted papers to Weather and Forecasting, and make decisions to accept or reject papers. Work load about 2 – 4 papers/ month or 30 – 40 papers/year (2016-present)
Selected publications
  • Houze, R. A., Jr., L. A. McMurdie, W. Petersen, M. Schwaller, 2015:OLYMPEX: Ground Validation Experiment Field Operations Plan. Copies available at

  • McMurdie, L. A., R. A. Houze, Jr., C. R. Mass, J. D. Lundquist, D. P. Lettenmaier, W. Petersen, M. Schwaller, 2013: Implementation Plan for OLYMPEX. Internal Document. Copies available at:

  • Zagrodnik, J., L. A. McMurdie, R. A. Houze, Jr., 2017: Stratiform precipitation processes in cyclones passing over the Olympic Mountains. J. Atmos. Sci., to be submitted April 2017.

  • Houze, R. A., Jr., L. A. McMurdie, W. A. Petersen, M. R. Schwaller, W. Baccus, J. Lundquist, C. Mass, B. Nijssen, S. A. Rutledge, D. Hudak, S. Tanelli G. G. Mace., M. Poellot, D. Lettenmaier, J. Zagrodnik., A. Rowe, J. DeHart, L. Madaus, H. Barnes, 2017: The Olympic Mountains Experiment (OLYMPEX), Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., accepted.

  • Houze, R. A., Jr., K. L. Rasmussen, L. A. McMurdie, M. M. Chaplin, and A.Kumar, 2017: Structure of the storm producing the June 2013 flooding in Uttarakhand, India. Mon. Wea. Rev., in review.

  • McMurdie, L. A. and B. Ancell, 2014: Characteristics of short-term predictability of land-falling cyclones along the North American west coast  Mon. Wea. Rev., 142, 301-319.

  • Ancell, B. C., and L. A. McMurdie, 2013: Ensemble adaptive data assimilation techniques applied to land-falling North American cyclones.  In: Data Assimilation for Atmospheric, Oceanic and Hydrologic Applications (Vol. II),” Xu, L., and S. Park, Eds., 555-575.