February 18th, 2020, Faculty Meeting Agenda

Department of Atmospheric Sciences Faculty Meeting
Winter Quarter 2020
Tuesday, February 18th 2020
2:30-4:20 PM
ATG 610


  1. Call to Order (Cecilia Bitz)
  2. Announcements and Introductions
    • The Hobbs Lecturer 2020 is Dr. Emily Fischer is scheduled for 23 April Evening Lecture 24 April Colloquium
  3. Updates
    1. Diversity Committee Report: (Dennis Hartmann)
    2. Undergrad Report (Becky Alexander)
    3. Grad program (Cecilia Bitz)
    4. Postdoc (Robb Wills and Kevin Haghi)
    5. Graduate students (Emily Tansey and Adam Sokol)
    6. Facilities (Dennis Canuelle)
    7. Computing (David Warren)
    8. Office (Hettie Scofield)
    9. Grants Team (Elin Martin)
    10. College Council ( Qiang Fu)
    11. Faculty Senate (Lyatt Jaegle)
  4. Old Business
    • Faculty Hire: Special Guest Presentation by Associate Vice Provost of Faculty Advancement Chadwick Allen on Hiring Best Practices
    • New class on Climate Solutions
  5. New Business
    • Travel policy
  6. Adjourn to Executive Session

Adjourn Meeting

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