October 1, 2019, Faculty Meeting Agenda



Department of Atmospheric Sciences Faculty Meeting

Autumn Quarter 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

2:30-4:00 PM

ATG 610




  1.     Call to Order (Cecilia Bitz)


  1.     Announcements and Introductions

         Approve Faculty Meeting minutes from June 2019


  1.     Updates

  Diversity Committee Report: (Dennis H.)

  Undergrad Report (Cecilia B. for Becky A.)

  Grad program (Cecilia B. for Joel T.)

  Postdoc (Robb J. and Kevin H.)

  Graduate students (Robin C.  and Emily T.)

  Facilities (Dennis C.)

  Computing (David W.) 

  Office (Hettie S.)

  College Council (Qiang F.) 


  1.     New Business 

  Department senator nominations and ballot

  Review policies for the Postdoc Union 

  Department listserv 

  New faculty hire update


  1.     Adjourn to Executive Session


  1.     Adjourn Meeting 


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