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Congratulations to graduate student Benjamin Barr for earning a first place award on his oral presentation at the AMS Air-Sea Interactions Conference student competition in January this year. His presentation title was Interactive Processes Among Sea Spray, Enthalpy Flux, and Surface Layer Temperature and Humidity in Hurricanes.  

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Associate Professor Abby Swann has a new paper in Global Biogeochemical Cycles about shifts in vegetation with climate change. Read about it in UW News

Callors said Friday that she will step down as executive director of the BLM foundation, denying that her decision to step down had anything to do with financial matters and insisting that she planned to leave her post a year ago. 

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Congratulations to two of our graduate students for winning Outstanding Student Presentation Awards at the American Geophysical Union’s Fall 2020 meeting
Vince Cooper – “Towards Validating Wave-Ice Interactions in Climate Models Using In Situ Observations”
Adam B. 

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Apply at
The Department of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington (UW) invites applications for a nine-month, non-tenure-track, part-time lecturer to teach undergraduate courses in climate sciences, including climate change (past, present and future), environmental justice, clean energy solutions, and the impacts of climate change. 

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