Student weather forecasters win the national collegiate forecasting contest

Congratulations to our student weather forecasters who won the national collegiate forecasting contest: The WxChallenge. The WxChallenge has been testing the forecast skills of university students since the fall of 2006.  During this time over 3000 participants from over 80 universities have participated. This year our team came in first out of 36 eligible teams, and Jonathan Weyn won first place among the 533 individual forecasters.  The department will be taking possession of the traveling trophy for the first place team.

Our team members are Peter Brechner, Jonathan Chriest, Andrew DeLaFrance, Mason Friedman, Daniel Lloveras, Lynn McMurdie, Jamin Rader, Calen Randall, Stephanie Rushley, Jon Song, Magdalena Szabo, Nick Weber, Jonathan Weyn, Joe Zagrodnik, and two alumni Kevin Tu and Virginia Rux. Research Professor Lynn McMurdie helped found the UW team in 2011 and has been its tireless and inspirational faculty leader.